Football Organizational Reminders

A message from Athletic Director, John Hiden:

We hope you have had a great summer.

With the football season fully underway right now, we would just like to send out a few organizational reminders.

Lately, we have had a problem with participation in practice, as well as coaches not being notified if a player is not able to attend practice.

At the bottom of this email, you will find all emails for head coaches, please utilize these emails to communicate with your head coach.

All coaches are currently trying to put together final rosters as well as positions, and build final game plans, this cannot be done with out the

commitment of your athlete. If an athlete is on a family vacation, or has a school function this is completely understandable and the head coach just needs to be notified ahead of time.

Please understand we are very passionate with running a “well-oiled” organization. It’s also a liability to your athlete and the team if a player isn’t there to understand plays or what they are supposed to be doing. They could very well get themselves injured, or a teammate. This season we have the ability to get your athlete max playing time due to the amount of kids we have. We are not a pay to play organization, the athletes who show up and put in the work will see the field. If we have 18 out of 30 kids showing up for practice, we are likely to pull JV teams. Please take away from this that practice is very important, and we want your athlete to be successful.

Finally, as an organization we can’t drill into these kids enough how important school and good grades are. We try to instill in each athlete that good grades allow you

to participate in sports, especially when you get to high school. Please note we are not a school organization, but still strongly support the importance of the student/athlete relationship. This is not mandatory, however, if your athlete would like to participate in turning in progress reports, tests, quizzes, etc. to their head coach or myself during Thursday night practice, or Friday’s walk through throughout the season, we will make sure these athletes are recognized at the end of the season for this achievement. Again, this is not mandatory.

Thank you for your time and let’s keep the hammer down for a successful 2018 season!


J. Hiden

Athletic Director

Smurfs- Head Coach is Chris Hake

PeeWee-Head Coach is John Hiden

Pony- Head Coach is Mike Brant

Midget- Head Coach is Eric Calaman

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