Tentative Registrations are Open!!!

Attention parents!!!

As an organization we need to show 2 different leuages that we can field teams THIS YEAR.

Our original goal was to kick off our inaugural season in 2018 however, the community support is showing that we could be able to kick off this year. We’ve received numerous registrations at the pony and rink level and currently have enough players at each level to field one team at each level. We would love to see more smurf and especially midgets registered.

If your young athlete is interested in playing tackle this year, please click the link below to download a copy of our tentative registration. Please email completed forms to DYFAEAGLES@GMAIL.COM

We are not collecting money at this time, we will only collect after the confirmation being accepted into the YCYFA or CFA.

I greatly appreciate the community level of support and I hope that WE can get these athletes on the field this season!

Thank you,

Chris Hake, President & Co-Founder

Tentative Registration

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